Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A clear definition of the ITU IPTV IPTV in China will affect the direction

Recently, the ITU IPTV Focus Group (ITU-TFGIPTV) The second meeting was held in Busan, South Korea, 200 delegates from around the world attended the meeting.

The Council meeting in the definition of IPTV has made a series of achievements. Meeting made clear the definition of IPTV: IPTV is sent over IP networks including TV, video, text, graphics and data, 鎻愪緵 QoS / QoE, security, interactivity and reliability to the management of multimedia services.

In addition, the meeting also the needs of IPTV and the preliminary draft of proposed architecture. The meeting received a total of 157 proposals for presentations, while China, following the first meeting of the 35 manuscripts submitted after the meeting the next level, the 51 manuscripts submitted become the country with the largest number of submitted manuscripts. Meanwhile, at the meeting, China also won a number of new management positions, with the Editor (edit) the number of seats has also been first in the world.

During the meeting, China Telecom's Meng Jianting been designated as co-head of WG5. So far, the Chinese delegation at the ITU-TIPTVFG already have a Vice-Chairman (Telecommunications Research Institute of Liu and more) and 3 Team Leader positions, covering the composition of the study, operators and equipment vendors, which for our country to continue deeply involved in the work FGIPTV laid a good foundation.

In this meeting, the Chinese delegation presentation quality improved steadily, many articles important manuscripts be accepted. Accepted the presentations, including submitted by the Ministry of Telecommunications Research Institute General IPTV Functional Architecture (and a number of subsystems) and the IPTV security requirements and framework presented by the functional structure of China Telecom and demand, the content submitted by China Netcom and navigation systems The structure of demand, the Huawei needs to submit a number of enhancements, submitted by the ZTE IMS-based IPTV system architecture. China's presentation has an impact on the standard ITU-TIPTV an important force for progress and direction.

In addition, UT Starcom Inc. also submitted seven presentation. Fei Ji Song of the company is designated as joint head of WG4, Wang Quan served as Editor of the post.

These achievements are in the Ministry of Information Industry and the China Communications Standards Association under the joint leadership, the delegation of the member units in mutual cooperation and coordination with the joint efforts of all participating experts made. But we must clearly recognize that the current IPTV international standardization has just started and initial results, to promote our country to become Standardization ITU-TIPTV core strength, but also a concerted effort to continue the process of international standardization in IPTV play an important role.


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